2016 Summer Research Experiences for STEM Teachers

Application deadline: March 6, 2016

Program dates: June 20, 2016- August 5, 2016

CSATS Summer Research Experiences for STEM Teachers actively involve K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math educators working alongside university or industry scientists and engineers on cutting-edge research and integrating related research projects into their classrooms, schools and districts.  

The 7-week summer session is designed as an immersion experience in a research setting within a university or in industry. As such, teachers will engage in a research project as well as contribute as a member of a research team. In conjunction with their research activities, teachers will be working with CSATS faculty and staff to develop classroom research projects (CLRP). Teachers will participate in weekly professional development workshops to facilitate the translation of the research experience into classroom projects. During the final week of the summer session, teachers will present their research at the Penn State REU/RET Symposium at University Park.

During the following academic year, teachers will implement and evaluate their CLRP. Teachers will participate in professional development workshops (approx. 4 days) with CSATS faculty and staff. Researchers in collaboration with CSATS will provide support with implementation. Teachers will complete an impact report as part of the evaluation of the CLRP.

Parts of the Program

Summer research experience with Industry or University researchers

Development of the Classroom Research Project (CLRP)

CLRP implementation and Impact Report during 2016-2017


Must be a teacher who is certified in science, technology, engineering, and math content with at least 3 years full time teaching experience

Must be committed to implementing a classroom research project (CLRP) during the 2016-2017 academic school year

Must be a teacher serving students from culturally diverse, economically disadvantaged Pennsylvania communities

Stipend:  $6,500

$5,000 at the conclusion of the research experience and approved Classroom Research Project (CLRP) submission

$1,500 at the conclusion of the CLRP and Impact Report

To learn more and to apply, visit - http://www.csats.psu.edu/projects/research-experiences