The 2017 Extreme Weather E-Forum for High School Teachers and Classrooms

Hurricane Sandy

The registration deadline is February 3, 2017. Space is limited. Reservations will be made on a first come, first-served basis.

Excessive heat waves  --  Intense rainfall  --  Rising seas

Our climate is changing. Greenhouse gas emissions are accelerating. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

  • What does a changing climate mean for a person, a community, or a region?
  • How can we prepare for, adapt to, or improve our resilience to these new climate normals?

The Extreme Weather E-Forum addresses these questions and more through guided research and peer-to-peer blogging. Created especially for high school environmental science and biology students, the E-forum provides an opportunity to investigate the relationship between climate and extreme weather and think more critically about what it means to become more resilient. Students can blog with other Pennsylvania classrooms to raise awareness about preparing for extreme weather events, share lessons learned, and inspire a community approach to improving resilience.

Eligibility: The E-Forum is open to high school classes with an environmental focus, including biology, chemistry, earth and space science and others.  While priority will be given to schools located in the coastal portion of the Delaware River watershed, we invite other Pennsylvania schools as space permits.   

Timeframe: The E-Forum will run from March 15 to April 28, 2017. Blogging activities will only be available during this time, but online materials are available year-round: (link is external)

To enroll your class in Pennsylvania Sea Grant’s 2017 Extreme Weather E-Forum, please e-mail Ann Faulds ( (link sends e-mail)):

  1. Your school’s name and location, and;
  2. What class(es) and how many students you would like to register.