AGI Geoscience Currents #105: Using Parents' Highest Education Level as a Proxy for the Socioeconomic Status of S&E Students

American Geosciences Institute

From AGI, 08/13/2015  --  Concerns have been raised that geoscience programs tend to attract students from middle and upper class families, possibly due to either parents familiarity with the geosciences or because of extra costs for co-curricular activities such as field camp.  In an attempt to begin investigating the socioeconomic status of geoscience students, discussions within AGI's Workforce Program have focuses around using parent's highest education level as a proxy for inferring a student's socioeconimic status.  Currents #105 compares the highest education level of parents of science and engineering degree recipients with the highest parental education level of geoscience and geo-engineering degree recipients using data from NSF's Survey of College Graduates.

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