AGI Geoscience Currents #108: Industries Hiring Recent Geoscience Graduates in 2015

American Geosciences Institute

In 2015, at the time of graduation, 10 percent of bachelor's graduates, 40% of master's graduates, and 59% of doctoral graduates had found a job position within the geosciences.

For the first time since AGI began the Geoscience Student Exit Survey, an industry, other than oil and gas, hired the most bachelor's graduates.  Anecdotal discussions have focused on the increasing job market within the environmental services industry, and this year's data supports the viability of this industry for geoscience graduates.  Graduates also found jobs within the information services industry and the non-profit/NGO industry, which tend to present more non-traditional career opportunities and paths than are typically seen in the geosciences

Check out the Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates 2015 report for more data from AGI's Geoscience Student Exit Survey.  THe report can be accessed at .

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