AGI Geoscience Currents #110: U.S. Female Geoscience Enrollments and Degrees Remain Level in 2015

American Geosciences Institute

From AGI  -- In Geoscience Currents #110, we examine the current state of gender diversity in U.S. geoscience programs.  Female participation rates in geoscience programs have been slightly declining to steady over the last decade, but when coupled with the strong enrollment growth, the actual number of women in geoscience programs has continued to grow briskly.  These trends have generally continued in 2015, except for a sharper decline in the percentage of women being conferred graduate degrees.  For the last decade, female participation rates in graduate degrees conferred has been higher than for Bachelor's degrees, but this year all of the degree levels have converged to about the same rate of particpation.  In addtion, for the first time we look at the distribution of departments by their level of female participation, which shows between 25-30% of geoscience programs are majority female for enrollment, depending on degree level.

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