Climate Change Resources from The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute

The Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) at The Franklin Institute has table top activities (or “kits”) for loan, for free to show Philadelphians what climate change means for them, and what they can do about it. They have 30 sets of each kit, complete with materials, and corresponding lesson plans that expound upon the science concepts in each. You can check out all the kits they have, and request them at:

The Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) is a community of local stakeholders who share a passion for engaging residents in climate change issues and interact frequently to learn how to do so better. Philadelphia is at the forefront of innovative strategies to adapt to the impacts of climate change, while also reducing our contribution to the problem. The CUSP project motivates residents to learn how these solutions are preparing our city for a hotter, wetter climate and shows how, together, communities can make a real difference. The Franklin Institute leads the CUSP project with support from the National Science Foundation.