EARTH Magazine: An App That Brings Home Your Seismic Hazard

EARTH Magazine

From EARTH Magazine, January 31, 2017  --  Do you know the earthquake risk in your neighborhood? If not, that information is now available in the palm of your hand. Founded by two former U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) employees, Temblor is a free app that allows people to view interactive seismic hazard maps on their smartphones, tablets or computers. It also teaches U.S. homeowners to factor earthquake and landslide risk into their financial decisions, like where to live and what insurance to buy. The February issue of EARTH Magazine takes a closer a look at Temblor, highlighting the app's recent successes and goals for the future.  

While state geological surveys and USGS have lots of seismic data, many of the data files are only viewable with GIS software, making them inaccessible to much of the interested public. Temblor draws most of its data from these reputable sources, and its simplified format allows these data to reach new audiences. Since Temblor's release in May 2016, its interactive maps have seen more than 150,000 views per month. To learn more about Temblor, read their guest feature in EARTH Magazine:

The February issue of EARTH Magazine is now available online. Read about the oldest-known avian voice box, a recent archaeological find that suggests that some dinosaur calls would have resembled the quacking of modern ducks. Or hear about the latest news in Mars exploration with the Red Planet Roundup. For these stories and more, subscribe to EARTH Magazine.