EARTH Magazine: The Question of Mantle Plumes

EARTH Magazine

From EARTH Magazine, 12/22/2015  --  Do mantle plumes exist? EARTH Magazine explores one of the most hotly debated topics within the geoscience community. From the origin of plate tectonic theory to the results of the most recent experiments using techniques like isotope geochemistry and seismic tomography,  the results of mantle studies are often contradictory, giving rise to the longstanding debate. 

It is not just the lack of clarity in the data that opponents of the mantle plume hypothesis find frustrating, but the fact that plumes are taught, as early as  grade school, as a settled scientific fact about how the planet's mantle functions. Explore how today's faculty broach the subject, read about new ways these data are being interpreted and what improved supercomputing technology can bring to this debate in the January issue of EARTH Magazine:

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