Explaining the science behind "What time is it?"

PAESTA Secretary/Treasurer Chris Palma explains the science behind "What time is it?"


The Arboretum at Penn State continues to grow in both beauty and educational value. The Arboretum's newest feature is not a garden, but rather the Joel N. Myers Sundial. The sculpture, which was designed by artist Mark Mennin, is one of many gifts Myers has given to the University over the years. The sculpture serves as a beautiful work of art as well as a timepiece. The sculptor worked very closely with the Penn State Astronomy Department to ensure the sundial's accuracy. Penn State has one of the most productive astronomy research programs in the country, according to a recent report by the National Research Council. Penn State was ranked in the top three in the country. This video, shot at the Penn State arboretum located on the the University Park campus contains tips on how to use the sundial as well as how time zones, the sun's position in the sky and other considerations all come into play when we ask "What time is it?"