Is it climate or weather?

From CCAFS - With the record-low temperatures and severe winter storms hitting the United States and other parts of the globe, you are no doubt hearing reports calling attention and in to question "climate change" and "global warming."  But one of the challenges researchers face when communicating climate science is the distinction between climate and weather. The public and the media are often quick to conflate the two, resulting in confusion or worse, misinformation. In 2011, the University of Copenhagen covered the drought in the Horn of Africa, and highlighted the problems with attributing a single weather event to climate change.

Fortunately, this short video from the Norwegian TV program Siffer helps illustrate the difference between weather and climate simply and clearly.  Even your students will be able to understand the video!  The video was featured in a recent New York Times blog Can Better Communication of Climate Science Cut Climate Risks? by Andrew Revkin.