Listen Current: Climate Change Summit

Listen Current

November 29, 2015  --  This week the United Nations Conference on Climate Change begins in Paris, France. This is an annual meeting of all countries that want to work together to improve the climate. To help discuss this with your students, Listen Current has highlighted their resources about climate change.

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Global Climate Conference Looks for Solutions - In Paris, France, 200 countries will gather to create an agreement to limit climate emissions and slow climate change. The goal is to produce a document that all countries, developed and non-developed, agree on. The meeting is a step in the right direction, with 160 countries that have already set targets for emissions. In the United States, politics are involved. Congress wants to roll back the clean emissions bill, and not everyone agrees on how to address climate change. There are some who think immediate events deserve more attention than longer-term issues such as climate change. Listen to hear more about this global Climate Conference.

Humans Impact on Climate - A United Nations report in 2014 shows that human activities are changing the planet. The scientists are more confident in their conclusions that humans are causing global warming. There are rising sea levels, higher temperatures and impacts on wildlife. This conversation with a public radio reporter looks at the long term trend in global temperatures and what humans can do to reverse the trend.

Corals and Climate Change - What makes up a coral? This public radio story takes you to an underwater observatory where a scientist is studying coral reefs up close. The scientist has found that CO2 in the ocean is making the ocean warmer and dissolving the coral reef system. But the scientist also discovers that coral reefs can recover.