Listen Current: Water Wars

Listen Current

The website that teaches students to listen with the power of public radio, Listen Current has featured two current events stories about water. The stories explore the ways in which water is controlled by the government and affected by instability. Access the audio files and lesson plans at the Listen Current website (you can register for a free account to access all teaching materials).

Water Plays Role in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Gaza’s access to water is being restricted and the price of water has gone up.  Use this story with your students to discuss how water can be a weapon of war.

Water Shut Offs in Detroit Spark Protests
Detroit's water department is going after past due bills by shutting of thousands of customers who haven't paid their water bills. Residents are responding by protesting saying that water is a basic human right.  Is it? Listen to this story and then have your students debate the issue.