NASA wants your vision for the Cosmic Times 2019 edition

Share your students' visions of the 2019 issue of Cosmic Times with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Do your students have a vision for the 2019 issue of Cosmic Times? How much closer will we be to solving the mysteries of dark energy and the nature of the universe? What tools will we have then that we don't have now?

The Cosmic Times team is inviting teachers to contribute their students’ vision of the 2019 edition of the Cosmic Times for possible inclusion in an online student gallery. Cosmic Times is a suite of curriculum support materials that traces our understanding of the changing universe from the first confirmation of Einstein’s General Relativity in 1919, through the discovery and follow-up evidence of dark energy in 2006. This story is told using a series of posters each resembling a front-page newspaper from a particular era, with readings for students and supporting lessons for teachers. Through the Cosmic Times 2019 lesson plan, students write the 2019 edition of Cosmic Times, imagining what new knowledge we will have on the 100th “anniversary” of the first edition of Cosmic Times.