New Contest Encourages 'Visualizing My Earth'

American Geosciences Institute

12/07/2015  --  The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and the Center for Geoscience and Society are pleased to extend the celebration of Earth Science Week 2015 with the announcement of a new contest. The Visualizing My Earth Challenge invites full-time secondary and postsecondary students (ages 14 and older) to submit visual representations of natural phenomena from a geoscience perspective.

"What if you had a window that showed raindrops magnified 100 times?" the contest guidelines urge students to consider. "Or a river accompanied by numbers telling how deep the water is and how fast it flows? Or wind, heat, or rocks buried deep under plants and soil? If you could make a special window like this, what might you want to be able to see?"

The Visualizing My Earth Challenge invites students to apply their Earth science knowledge to a photo in a way that represents data visually. Using any of a variety of techniques, students can modify or add information to the image. Changes should turn the photo into an image that enhances the viewer's ability to visualize a part of one or more Earth systems in important ways.

Each entry must include one visualization, one brief written statement, and one completed entry form. International entries are welcome. All entries must be submitted in English. The deadline for electronic submission is 5 p.m. EST, January 29, 2016, using the designated online platform. Cash prizes up to $300 will be awarded in each age group (14 to 17 years, 18 years and older).

For contest details and registration, please visit The contest serves as a continuation of Earth Science Week 2015 (, which celebrates the theme of "Visualizing Earth Systems." AGI thanks competition sponsors TGS and Skild for their generous support; Skild is the competition management software provider.