PA Parks and Forestry Association (PPFF) Stewardship Poster and Video Contest

PA Parks and Forestry Association

In 2016, the PPFF launched an initiative to steward our state forests and parks called Stewards of Penn’s Woods. As part of that program, we have started to remove graffiti from our parks and forests. But we know we also need to educate the public on the impacts of graffiti if we are going to effectively conserve these lands for all to enjoy. Our PPFF poster and video contests are meant to raise student awareness about the importance of stewarding our state parks and forests. Middle school students have the opportunity to compete in a poster contest for cash prizes, while high school and college age students are invited to participate in a video contest.

Attached) please find the flyers explaining the background, rules, entry form, and prizes for the contests. Please share with students, teachers, and others who you think might be either interested in participating or helping to spread the word. More information can be found on our website (link is external) Please help spread the word.

Why we care: Graffiti is on the up-rise in our state parks and forests. We have identified 37 hotspots in 20 state parks and forests. Graffiti takes away the rights of others to enjoy our state lands, and poses a threat to human and environmental health.

Who is the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation? The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation’s (PPFF) mission is to inspire stewardship of Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests through public engagement in volunteerism, recreation and conservation. Based in Camp Hill, we work across the state through programs, initiatives, and projects. Currently 39 PPFF Friends Groups can be found making a difference in parks and forests.

PPFF Contact:

Amanda B Trimmer, Outreach and PR Coordinator

Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation     

1845 Market Street, Suite 202

Camp Hill, PA  17011 (link sends e-mail)        phone: 717.236.7644    fax: 717236.0972