PAESTA endorses the March for Science

March for Science

PAESTA endorses the March for Science (National and Pennsylvania marches)

From the PAESTA Executive Committee and PAESTA Past Presidents, approved March 15, 2017


On April 22, 2017, scientists, science educators, and supporters of science will be taking part in a global effort to March for Science. From local communities to major cities, individuals and groups will be taking to the streets to share their passion and to demonstrate support for the scientific process and research outcomes. Science takes place not just at national laboratories and in federal agencies but in state and local organizations - and, importantly, in K-16 classrooms and institutions.

The Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association (PAESTA, mission statement declares that we “facilitate and advance excellence in Earth and space science education across the state of Pennsylvania,” as well as “develop and disseminate materials around advocacy for our field.” When science and the scientific method are being challenged, science education is also impacted. Now, more than ever, teachers need access to data from a range of sources, such as satellites to streamflow monitoring stations, to teach students about Earth materials, resources, and hazards/disasters. Most importantly, whether our individual students become future scientists or not, we want each of them to leave our classrooms being able to understand why Earth and space science matter. States from South Dakota to Oklahoma to Florida are proposing legislation to challenge teaching scientific subjects such as evolution and climate change. In our own state, school boards are challenging the science content in textbooks. We need to be aware of what is happening at the local and national level and to be ready to support science teaching and science teachers in Pennsylvania.

We strongly encourage our PAESTA members and the greater community to find a way to contribute to the efforts of the national March for Science ( and the eight satellite marches taking place in Pennsylvania (Bethlehem, Doylestown, Erie, East Stroudsburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, State College). For example, participate in a teach-in. Share your career profile as a science teacher online. Have your students help you prepare a bulletin board, or write poetry, or sketch how science benefits them every day. Join with your fellow supporters by marching for science and/or volunteer to speak at your local march.

Please share with us how you will support the March for Science, so we can collect our members’ stories and celebrate Earth and space science education ( We also encourage you to complete the form a second time, after April 22, to learn of its impacts.


***PAESTA is currently funded by the National Science Foundation Award DUE-0962792. The opinions expressed in this statement are those of the Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association Executive Committee and do not necessarily represent the entire organization or the National Science Foundation.

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