SciJinks - weather and Earth science activities and information

Provided by NOAA/NASA, SciJinks is weather and Earth science made fun for all ages.  Its mission is to capture the interest of a 'tween-age audience with fun and interesting activities and information about science and technology related to weather and the Earth.

The SciJinks Weather Laboratory at is a website targeting middle-school-age youth with fun and games and useful information about weather and other Earth science subjects. It has a fun, sophisticated look and feel, with lots of animation, sound, and interactivity.

For example, in the Weather “Fun” category are “Slyder” puzzles, a “Wild Weather Adventure” online board game, and a “Bad Weather Joke Machine.” In the “People” category is an interactive presentation of weather folklore from around the world, along with the more accepted scientific explanations for these “magical” weather phenomena. The “Technology” category explains in pictures and simple metaphors how to build a weather satellite. And the “How & Why” category clearly explains mysteries such as how Earth’s atmosphere got here in the first place and why the sky is blue.

Co-sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it includes resources for educators as well. It has weather science- and technology-related classroom activities geared for this “tween” age group. It also has lots of weather and Earth science related printable, captioned images for display in the classroom, as well as downloadable posters and postcards.