Teachable Moment from IRIS - Magnitude 7.6 Southern Chile (12/25/2016)


December 25, 2016  --  IRIS does an excellent job collecting and preparing resources we can use in our classrooms on recent, significant earthquakes. Check out their PowerPoint, visualizations and animations on a magnitude 7.6 earthquake that occurred near the southern tip of Chiloe Island in southern Chile. There are no immediate reports of deaths. There are reports of landslides and some damage to highways.

IRIS page: http://www.iris.edu/hq/retm/4384

USGS page: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us10007mn3#executive

For general earthquake information, be sure to check out PAESTA Recommends Earthquake Resources (http://www.paesta.psu.edu/paesta-recommends#earthquake ) and AGI's Earthquake Basics (http://www.americangeosciences.org/critical-issues/earthquake-basics ) page.