Two New Resource Guides for Those Who Teach or Explain Astronomy

Unheard Voices,” a set of resource guides about the astronomy of many cultures and about the contributions of women to astronomy, is now available on the Multiverse web site at:

The two new resource guides are designed specifically for instructors and students in introductory college science courses (such as Astro 101), but can be used by anyone who is teaching, explaining, or learning astronomy or earth and space science.  Sponsored by the Heliophysics Forum of the Space Missions Directorate at NASA, the guides include written, on-line, and audio-visual materials, many of which can be used directly in the classroom, for student papers, or personal enrichment.

Unheard Voices 1: The Astronomy of Many Cultures” features the contributions to astronomy of African, Asian, Hispanic, South Pacific, Islamic, and Native American cultures, together with a section on reports and articles for achieving greater diversity in science.  (15 pages)

Unheard Voices 2: Women in Astronomy” features sections on: the history of women in astronomy in general, materials on selected women astronomers of the past, issues facing women in astronomy today, and materials on selected contemporary women astronomers. (13 pages)

Multiverse -- formerly known as the Center for Science Education at the University of California, Berkeley -- offers a website with a wide range of resources, information, and programs, to help educators and their students learn about the universe in a more multi-cultural context.