Water's Role in Gas Drilling - On-line Curriculum Resources for MS and HS Science Educators

From our friends at Penn State Extention...

We are excited to share a new resource that you might find of interest. Two new, youth-oriented online presentations from Penn State Extension explore the role of water in shale-gas drilling and production in the mid-Atlantic region. These self-running presentations were designed for use by educators in both formal and informal educational settings. Although geared towards youths in grades 6 through 10, they also are appropriate for adults who may want to learn more about this topic.
The first presentation, "A Water Drop on a Journey -- Shale Gas Drilling in the Mid-Atlantic," is aimed at the 6th- through 9th-grade levels. It is based on the recent Penn State Extension publication, "Water's Journey through the Shale Gas Drilling and Production Processes in the Mid-Atlantic Region."
The second presentation, "True or False -- Common Concerns About Water and Shale Gas Drilling in the Mid-Atlantic Region," addresses current environmental issues and misconceptions surrounding shale-gas drilling and production and is targeted to 8th- through 10th-grade viewers.
You can access the two presentations and some additional resources online at: http://extension.psu.edu/water/youth 

To read a full press release on the presentations, check out: http://news.psu.edu/story/278278/2013/05/31/impact/online-tutorials-youth-address-waters-role-shale-gas-drilling .  For those without reliable Internet connections, CDs of these presentations are also available by contacting Dr. Sanford Smith, sss5@psu.edu, and providing a complete mailing address.