Teaching the Scientific method

The Nature of Science and the Scientific Method (PDF file)  --  This Geological Society of America document illustrates a methodical approach to studying the natural world. Science asks basic questions, such as how does the world work and how did it come to be? It also helps discover what was the world was like in the past, what it is like now, and what it will be like in the future. The document promotes understanding of the nature of science and how the scientific method is used to advance science, focusing in particular on the Earth sciences. It also includes talking points for those who would like help explaining the nature of science to others who have developed misconceptions.

Visionlearning has an online module for students on The Scientific Method, which includes reading, a quiz, and resources. Visionlearning has also developed a series of 11 modules that convey the practice of science and present the different methodologies used in scientific research. These 11 modules are part of a larger series of modules called the Process of Science modules, and these modules provide a detailed answer to the question “What is science and how does it work?”  You can have students work through these modules or use them as a basis for lecture.

Arizona State University has a summary on How to Introduce Students to the Scientific Method.