Guide to Resources for Teaching about Exoplanets

A new annotated guide to written, web, and audio-visual resources for teaching about planets orbiting other stars is now available for high-school and college instructors, their students, informal educators, and astronomy enthusiasts.  Materials in the guide to this rapidly-changing branch of astronomy include video and audio files of lectures and interviews with leading scientists in the field, phone and tablet apps, a citizen-science web site, popular-level books and articles, and much more.

Eugenie Scott on Promoting Climate Science in K–12 Education

Over the course of 26 years at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), Eugenie Scott has worked to defend the teaching of evolution and climate science in public schools by providing resources to teachers, schools, and citizens and by working on legal aspects of these issues at the local, state, and national levels. Scott, who was appointed as executive director of NCSE in 1987, recently announced her intention to retire from that position.

The Centre Furnace site includes the Centre Furnace Mansion, furnace stack (pictured here), and surrounding eight acres. This National Register site represents the 18th century beginnings of the charcoal iron industry in this area and a small portion of the late 18th-century ironmaking village once located here.

Centre Furnace Stack

Light fog hangs over Oil Creek, just south of Titusville in Oil Creek State Park.  The park is home to several waterfalls and over fifty miles of hiking trails, in addition to providing a historical perspective on the early petroleum industry.

Oil Creek