Pennsylvania Earth Science Teacher Achievement Recognition Profiles.

April 2016 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Ms. Kim Gredzinski, a 6th grade science teacher at South Brandywine Middle School. Her nominator writes, "She loves her job and the kids that she teaches. She puts 100% into everything that she does including the after school program, summer program, science fair, etc. She has an excellent relationship with the students whether she knows them or not. She is one of if not the finest teacher in the building."

March 2016 PAESTAR

This month we posthumously recognize Dr. Mercedes Richards, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Penn State University. Dr. Richards was fascinated by Algol binary star systems, and her research accomplishments included being a pioneer in the use of doppler tomography to study mass transfer between stars in these systems. Colleague Dr. Chris Palma shares, "I think if you were to ask her, she would say that some of her most important work was to support everyone in their interest in astronomy.

November 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Ms. Bernadette Kearney, librarian at J.R. Masterman Middle/High School in Philadelphia. Her nominator wrote, "Bernadette has been our librarian at Masterman for the past 10 years. She exemplifies what a wonderful resource a librarian is for a school. Bernadette has been a librarian for 24 years, so you can image the amount of knowledge she has acquired over the years!

August 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Christopher Palma, Senior Lecturer of Astronomy, at Penn State University. Chris has been a member of PAESTA since its beginnings and has been the strongest voice for representing the space science mission of our organization. He has been instrumental in helping teachers learn everything about Pluto, from its planetary status to the results of the recent New Horizons mission.

Congratulations, Chris - you clearly are a PAESTAR!

July 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize PAESTA Past President Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science at Penn State Brandywine. Not only has Laura just completed her second term as PAESTA President, she has received several accolades in the past month. She was voted a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, received a United States Senate Certificate of Special Recognition for her time as a NOAA Teacher at Sea during the 2014 field season, and has been named one of 100 women presented with the INSIGHT Into Diversity 2015 Inspiring Women in STEM Award.

June 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Jason Andre, Earth science teacher at Garnet Valley High School in Glen Mills, PA. Jason has been teaching at Garnet Valley for twelve years, with a passion for teaching natural hazards and disasters. We recognize Jason for his enthusiasm and early contributions to the PAESTA Advocacy Committee. Jason's innovative ideas and passion for wanting to make citizens of Pennsylvania understand the importance of the Earth will surely make a difference for us all!

May 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Isabel Pilling, science teacher at AMY James Martin in Philadelphia, for her work as a Board Member for the GreenTreks Network.  GreenTreks is a non-profit video production and educational organization that highlights environmental solutions to inspire actions within the Philadelphia community and beyond.  Isabel has been a math and science teacher to students in grades 6 to 10 for over 15 years in the School District of Philadelphia, inspiring audiences young and old to get involved and make a difference.

April 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Michael Baer of Elizabeth Forward Middle School in Elizabeth, PA. Michael was selected for the Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award for the state of Pennsylvania by the Northeast Section of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT). This award is given to precollege teachers who have made exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the earth sciences and who are outstanding teachers.

March 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Toba Bernstein, 8th grade science teacher in Bristol Township, PA. Toba has been a valued, contributing member to PAESTA since the organization’s founding. Most importantly, Toba is a support to her colleagues, both to those in her building and those in the greater PAESTA community.

February 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Deanna Fogelman, a teacher in The School District of the City of York, PA, for her role as PAESTA's Secretary/Treasurer and for her never-ending passion for her love of learning for herself and her students.