Astronomy Resource - Universe at Your Fingertips

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has a long history of compiling the best astronomical resources for teachers. For years, at professional development workshops we used activities from their "Universe at Your Fingertips" book, that required a 4" D-ring binder to hold. When we gave each teacher a copy, they were always appreciative until they had to pack the heavy binder in their luggage for the trip home.

Geospatial Revolution - GIS Technologies & Climate, Hunger, and Social Justice

Penn State Public Broadcasting has released the final episode of the web series, Geospatial Revolution. In this episode, film makers consider the role of geospatial technologies in understanding climate change, combatting world hunger, and in empowering people to take control of decision-making about their city and lives. Learn More about the Geospatial Revolution project and watch the videos.

Earth Day Video Resources: Earth the Operators Manual

Earth: The Operators Manual is a program featured on PBS. Many clips from the show suitable for classroom use will be featured on this site as Earth Day approaches. The show is hosted by Penn State's Richard Alley.

Some of the clips already posted include topics such as CO2 In the Ice Core Record, It's us and the Pentagon, and Climate Change