The Academy of Natural Sciences' Bicentennial

Preparation Time Needed

Necessary information is provided, recommend ~30 minutes per day to assemble suggested resources and print worksheets.

Class Time Required

This is a 5 day module.

Activity Description

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is the oldest natural science research institution and museum in the North America. Located in Philadelphia, PA, the institution celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2012. As part of a year-long bicentennial celebration, an online supplement to the museum’s bicentennial exhibit was created in Google Earth with a series of educational activities, targeted for middle school science educators and students. The week-long curriculum is based off of the Google Earth file and is supported by the Earth Science Literacy Initiative, the ABCD model for writing learning objectives, the effective pedagogies Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning, and the Pennsylvania State Science Education Standards.

Google Earth is free software available for download at:

Questions about the content or technical issues should be directed to Laura Guertin (

Files are available in MS Word (.doc) or PDF format.

  • Day 1: Natural History
  • Day 2: Areas of Scientific Research
  • Day 3: Traveling the World
  • Day 4: Research Over Time
  • Day 5: Plan Your Own Expedition