EARTH Magazine: Owl Pellets Bridge Ancient and Modern Ecosystems

EARTH Magazine

From EARTH Magazine, 10/28/2015  --  In a Utah cave, paleontologists are exploring the fossil record preserved in owl pellets since the Pleistocene glaciation. The fossils in the pellets are giving the scientists a glimpse of how the ecosystems have changed over time both from natural variation and more recent changes brought on by human settlement. 

EARTH Magazine: Finding and Tracking Conflict Minerals in the Heart of Darkness

EARTH Magazine

From EARTH Magazine, 10/21/2015  --  What's the origin of the smartphone you're holding or the tablet from which you are reading this? They're made from minerals such as tin, tantalum and tungsten - minerals that aren't found in many places in the world. One place they are found in relative abundance is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where these minerals have been fueling militias in an ongoing war for the last 25 years.

AGI Geoscience Currents #106: Critical Skills Necessary for the Development of Undergraduate Geoscience Students

American Geosciences Institute

From AGI, 09/23/2015  --  Dr. Sharon Mosher, Dean of the Jackson School at the University of Texas at Austin, guest authored Currents #106 displaying the list of skills and competencies considered critical for success of undergraduate geoscience majors.  The data are part of a NSF-funded project, the Summit on the Future of Geoscience Undergraduate Education. 

EARTH Magazine: Vital Seconds - The Journey Toward Earthquake Early Warning for All

EARTH Magazine

From EARTH Magazine, 09/17/2015  --  Americans are reminded in September to be prepared for natural hazards during "National Preparedness Month." A major goal of preparedness is to provide early warnings for earthquakes. Earthquake early warning (EEW) is exactly what it says: It is an early warning that shaking is coming and it can typically give a few seconds to a few minutes, at most, of warning. The warnings can be sent off just after an earthquake occurs on a fault, but before the damaging secondary waves are felt. It is not earthquake prediction.