Energy Literacy - A Free Classroom Resource

American Geosciences Institute

From AGI, 04/16/2015  --  Free, interdisciplinary, educational materials and videos are now available to foster a more energy literate nation, and to answer important questions like: What is energy? Where does energy come from? How much energy do humans use? The Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education project, available on the Department of Energy website, identifies what makes an energy literate citizen, and highlights seven principles to help guide exploration into energy related learning. 

Listen Current: Nuclear Power in India

Listen Current

02/01/2015  --  The demand for electricity in India is rising, but India relies on coal for the majority of their power. The hope of a new deal with the United States is to help India transition from dirty coal to cleaner nuclear energy. U.S. companies will sell nuclear technology to Indian power companies so they can transition to a cleaner energy source. This might be good for the earth, but what about for security? Listen to learn about the pros and cons of this international energy deal, then discuss the pros and cons of nuclear power and nuclear threats.

Listen Current: Divesting from Fossil Fuels

Listen Current

12/22/2014 - College students are turning to a new way to fight global warming. They are encouraging their universities to take a stand against climate change and remove the school’s money from investments in fossil fuel companies - like coal and oil. This story can be used to introduce the idea of divestment and encourage students to think of ways they can help slow climate change.