Permian Mass Extinction Took 60,000 Years

From LiveScience  --  It took only 60,000 years to kill more than 90 percent of all life on Earth, according to the most precise study yet of the Permian mass extinction, the greatest die-off in the past 540 million years.  The new timeline doesn't reveal the culprit behind the die-off, though scientists have several suspects, such as volcanic eruptions in Siberia that belched massive quantities of climate-changing gases.


De-extinction is a new and controversial topic that involves resurrecting extinct species from the past. Some of these species’ extinctions were a direct result of human over-hunting, while others were more ‘natural’. Using biotechnological processes, scientists have discovered methods that can make this seemingly science-fiction experiment a reality.

Mammal Extinction

In 2011, the world has seen the loss of some mammals through species extinction. The Western Black Rhino and Eastern Cougar no longer roam the planet, and an entire genus of African antelope is on the verge of extinction. Why is this happening? What can be done?