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Press release for students - A breath of fresh (1.5 million year old!) air

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From EGU  --  Scientists drilling for ice in Antarctica have been able to find ice with bubbles up to 800,000 years old, but now they want to find out what Earth’s atmosphere was like before then. Swiss-based scientist Hubertus Fischer and other researchers want to find ice that is up to 1.5 million years old, so that they can study really old air to know what the Earth’s climate was like even further in the past.

Press release for students - Ancient forests kept Earth’s climate under control

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From EGU  --  In the last 24 million years, conditions on Earth meant that there could have been very low levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – which could have led to very cold conditions – but did not. Scientists have been asking why this was, and a team of researchers in the UK have now possibly found an answer.