Celebrate Earth Day with NBC Learn's Changing Planet and Sustainability: Water

From NBC Learn  --  In preparation for Earth Day on April 22, explore NBC Learn’s Original Collections Changing Planet and Sustainability: Water. These earth science series, produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation, cover headline issues from the future of California’s water supply to how butterflies are adapting to warmer temperatures. Use these videos to engage and involve your students in the environmental issues in the news today.

Tectonics & Earthquakes of Alaska

From IRIS  --  Alaskan tectonics are dominated by Pacific-North American plate interaction. The megathrust boundary between the plates results in both the 4,000-km-long Aleutian Trench and in the arc of active volcanoes that lie subparallel to the trench. This animation discusses the range of tectonic activity from megathrust earthquakes to accretion of geologic terranes. Along the trench, the rate of convergence ranges from 5 cm/year on the east to 7.8 cm/year on the west. The angle of subduction also changes from shallow in the east to steep in the west.

AAAS "What we Know" Initiative Concerning Climate Change

From AAAS  --  Based on the evidence, more than 97% of climate experts have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening. What We Know helps us understand the science behind the realities, risks and response to the climate challenge.

Read the Backgrounder document to Get The Facts.  View the videos to Hear from Scientists (one is embedded below as an example).

NASA ScienceCast - Countdown to Pluto

ScienceCasts, NASA’s new video series, offers middle and high school educators and the public a fast and fun way to learn about scientific discoveries and facts about Earth, the solar system, and beyond. The videos were produced by an astrophysicist and a team of agency narrators and videographers. The format is designed to increase understanding of the world of science through simple, clear presentations.  The videos are available in YouTube, Vimeo, and available for download.