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Naturally acidic tannic acid-stained waters downstream of Black Moshannon Lake.

Black Moshannon Creek

Quarter-sized hail after a particularly intense thunderstorm in State College, PA.

State College hail

This image with the observatory in the foreground was taken at the Grier School in Tyrone, PA on September 3, 2016.  It’s an all-girls boarding school. The image captures composite pictures (about 100) taken over the course of an hour.


Star trails at Grier School in Tyrone, PA

Artificially constructed wetlands due to ones destroyed during the construction of I-99 in Pennsylvania.

Julian Wetlands

This lightning was captured during a thunderstorm on August 13, 2016. This was the same time that the city of Philadelphia was experiencing its fifth heat wave of the summer.

Lightning storm NE of Reading, August 2016