NASA's Space Place in a Snap! - Black Holes

NASA's Space Place in a SNAP! is a series of quick, narrated tours of animated infographics that illustrate key science concepts. Not only are they fun and entertaining on their own, they also come with a downloadable poster and a transcript of the video, making for a cross-disciplinary learning experience. The latest topic—black holes! Find out what they are today at .


Celebrate Earth Day with NBC Learn's Changing Planet and Sustainability: Water

From NBC Learn  --  In preparation for Earth Day on April 22, explore NBC Learn’s Original Collections Changing Planet and Sustainability: Water. These earth science series, produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation, cover headline issues from the future of California’s water supply to how butterflies are adapting to warmer temperatures. Use these videos to engage and involve your students in the environmental issues in the news today.

News and Notes from PAESTA - April 2014

The April 2014 News and Notes from PAESTA has been sent out. You can view it online via this link.

April 2014 PAESTAR

This month, we recognize Blake Colaianne of Dallastown Area High School in Dallastown, PA, for his commitment to professional development and for sharing his classroom pedagogical innovations in Earth and space science.  Blake is the 2012 William B. McIlwaine Science Teaching Award winner from the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association and an author on two peer-reviewed journal articles, including one manuscript in the Journal of Geoscience Education.

The Pennsylvania Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation has over 150 nurseries that are working to restore the American Chestnut tree to the forests and woodlands of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic states.  The American Chestnut was once the dominant tree in our forests before it was erradicated by a fungus.  In fact, many Pennsylvania forests consisted of 25% American Chestnut.  The PA-TACF has its headquarters in State College, PA, and is working to develop a blight-resistant American chestnut tree via scientific research and breeding, and looks to restore the tree to its native forests along the eastern United States.  Pictured here is one of the three nurseries on the Penn State University Park campus.


American Chestnut Foundation Nursery

Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week Logo

Each day of Earth Science Week will also be one of the following celebrations: 

  • International EarthCache Day (October 12)
  • Earth Science Literacy Day (October 13)
  • No Child Left Inside Day (October 14)
  • National Fossil Day (October 15)
  • Geoscience for Everyone Day (October 16)
  • Geologic Map Day (October 17)
October 12, 2014

Earth Science Resources In Spanish and English

From AGI  --  If you are looking for Earth science education resources in both Spanish and English, look no further than the SEED Earth Science Week Online Toolkit.

The web site - a partnership of Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) and AGI - has been created to provide educational materials, activities, and other resources for Spanish-speaking students and teachers, as well as English speakers, in U.S. and SEED schools around the world. The resources featured on the site have been developed by SEED, AGI, and other geoscience organizations.

Tectonics & Earthquakes of Alaska

From IRIS  --  Alaskan tectonics are dominated by Pacific-North American plate interaction. The megathrust boundary between the plates results in both the 4,000-km-long Aleutian Trench and in the arc of active volcanoes that lie subparallel to the trench. This animation discusses the range of tectonic activity from megathrust earthquakes to accretion of geologic terranes. Along the trench, the rate of convergence ranges from 5 cm/year on the east to 7.8 cm/year on the west. The angle of subduction also changes from shallow in the east to steep in the west.

Independence Seaport Museum Teacher Day 2014

Teacher Day - Row & Learn (or Learn to Row...)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 1:00pm - 4:00pm  

Have you ever rowed a whale boat, row boat or kayak? Now is your chance! Row in our basin along the Delaware River, and hear all about what Independence Seaport Museum can offer your students, lesson plans & curriculum.

RSVP by Friday, 8/15/14

Cost: FREE for Teachers

Must RSVP to attend 215-413-8626  

AAAS "What we Know" Initiative Concerning Climate Change

From AAAS  --  Based on the evidence, more than 97% of climate experts have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening. What We Know helps us understand the science behind the realities, risks and response to the climate challenge.

Read the Backgrounder document to Get The Facts.  View the videos to Hear from Scientists (one is embedded below as an example).