July 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize PAESTA Past President Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science at Penn State Brandywine. Not only has Laura just completed her second term as PAESTA President, she has received several accolades in the past month. She was voted a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, received a United States Senate Certificate of Special Recognition for her time as a NOAA Teacher at Sea during the 2014 field season, and has been named one of 100 women presented with the INSIGHT Into Diversity 2015 Inspiring Women in STEM Award.

Environmental Literacy Indicator Tool (ELIT) survey

PA Department of Education

From David Bauman, posted to the Science Learning Community Portal  --  On June 16, 2014, Pennsylvania’s governor Tom Corbett signed the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. In an effort to support this agreement, Pennsylvania is one of the six states completing the Environmental Literacy Indicator Tool (ELIT). In Pennsylvania, we plan on using the survey for the entire state. The results of this survey will provide baseline information regarding the state of environmental literacy in Pennsylvania’s schools and help to plan for the future.

You may have driven by several of these, but this image provides us a unique perspective from the air of one of the many refineries located along the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

Refinery along the Delaware River

AAAS Project 2061 - Participate in an Online Cognitive Interview Study of High School Biology Students

This message is from AAAS Project 2061  --  This summer and fall (2015), AAAS Project 2061 will be conducting cognitive interviews with high school students to learn what they know about evolution and common ancestry. This will help AAAS develop NGSS-aligned assessment items that effectively measure student understanding of these topics. In order to gain a broad picture of what students know and how they think, AAAS plans to interview students across the country using online video communication software such as Skype. Would you be interested in helping AAAS?

June 2015 PAESTAR

This month we recognize Jason Andre, Earth science teacher at Garnet Valley High School in Glen Mills, PA. Jason has been teaching at Garnet Valley for twelve years, with a passion for teaching natural hazards and disasters. We recognize Jason for his enthusiasm and early contributions to the PAESTA Advocacy Committee. Jason's innovative ideas and passion for wanting to make citizens of Pennsylvania understand the importance of the Earth will surely make a difference for us all!