Earth Day Learning Activities

Earth Learning Idea (ELI) - a leading web site for earth science education - recently celebrated the publication of its 100th activity online. Every two weeks, ELI publishes a new Earth-related teaching activity, designed to be a practical resource for teachers and teacher-trainers. Most activities require minimal cost and equipment.

Earthquake Teachable Moments

IRIS (The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) posts resources for magnitude 7 and larger earthquakes worldwide (including the tsunami in Japan) usually within 24 hours. Visit the IRIS site for "teachable moment" resources: Sign up for their notification service when new resources are added -- Thank you to Bob Butler for passing on this resource

Learning to Learn from Data

from: Earth and Mind: Reflections on Thinking and Learning about the Earth

An interesting article that considers the importance of giving students the opportunity to collect data and how students learn to make sense of data and graphs.

Scientists learn from data. Learning to learn from data is obviously an essential aspect of the education of a future scientist.