GEO-Logic Problem: Sailing the Surface Oceanographic Currents

Learning Objectives

This logic problem in a grid format is designed to help students develop logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. 

Standards Addressed

Grades 6,7,8:  Standard 2.4 - Mathematical Reasoning and Connections
Grades 6,7,8:  Standard 2.5 - Mathematical Problem Solving and Communication

Supplies/Materials/Articles Needed

All of the resources necessary are included as documents and images below.

Preparation Time Needed

If students are already familiar with the template of grid-based logic problems, the only prep time would be to print and photocopy materials for students.  Otherwise, time would be required to teach students how to solve logic problems in a grid format.

Class Time Required

This varies notably from student to student.  It is recommended that a teacher begins this exercise in class with students but provide student the opportunity outside of class to complete, so that each student can take the necessary time to complete.  The follow-up in-class exercises (the mapping and questions) will take less than one hour.

Activity Description

This logic problem in a grid format is designed to help students develop logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. In addition to developing skill sets, the content knowledge of the students will be increased in the area of the names and locations of surface oceanographic currents. Extension exercises have students address the geographic and temperature distribution across currents and ocean basins.

"Four friends that have a passion for sailing decided they would go out and explore a major ocean current. Unfortunately, they could not all decide on the same current to explore! Finally, each friend decided to go out on their own and explore a different ocean current, such as the Benguela Current. Interestingly, each current is also located in a different region of the world's ocean basins, such as the North Atlantic Ocean versus the South Atlantic Ocean. Match each person with the ocean current he/she sailed, and the ocean basin where that current is located."

Previously-published GEO-Logic Problems are available on the SERC Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences site.