Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt

Learning Objectives

Use the latitude/longitude finder at My Nasa Data ( to locate specific Philadelphia landmarks by lines of latitude and longitude.
Record and analyze data.
Identify different climate zones of the world by lines of latitude.

Standards Addressed

Standards related to Assessment Anchor S8/7/6.D.2: Weather, Climate, and Atmospheric Processes

Preparation Time Needed

Only time to print the attached document.

Class Time Required

This activity could take an entire class period, particularly if there is an added introduction focused on latitude and longitude.

Activity Description

This lesson can be used to engage students in the study of the world's climate zones by helping them identify places on the world globe.

The Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt activity provides students with a review of reading lines of latitude and longitude on a globe. This activity can also be used to pre-assess student understanding of how lines of latitude and longitude help locate and identify specific places on Earth.

This computer-based activity allows students to explore places and sites unique to Philadelphia, including finding their school and home locations. Students are then asked to identify other cities that are located in the same latitude as Philadelphia and compare climate data (specifically, average temperature and precipitation).