September 2012 PAESTAR

This month, we recognize Eilisha "Joy" Bryson, a sixth grade science teacher at Meredith School in Philadelphia.  In the past year alone, Joy has engaged with several projects at the leadership level, from serving as a co-instructor of a teacher workshop at the Franklin Institute to serving as a Teacher Leader at Penn State's Earth Space Science Partnership summer workshop in plate tectonics.  One example where Joy has make a valuable contribution to Earth science instruction is by taking a classic classroom exercise, "Discovering Plate Boundaries," then sharing her modifie

NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program

What is NITARP? NITARP, the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program, gets teachers involved in authentic astronomical research. We partner small groups of educators with a mentor professional astronomer for an original research project. The educators incorporate the experience into their classrooms and share their experience with other teachers. The program runs January through January. Applications are available annually in May and due in September.

August 2012 PAESTAR

This month, we recognize Sara Neville, for all of her contributions to Earth and space science education while an undergraduate student at Penn State Brandywine in Media, PA.  Sara graduates this summer with a custom-designed bachelor's degree that explored the connections between middle school Earth science education and educational technology, while minoring in environmental inquiry and civic and community engagement.