Geoscience Policy Recommendations for the New Administration and the 115th Congress

Geoscience Policy Recommendations for the New Administration and the 115th Congress

From AGI, March 20, 2017, see webpage of press release (link is external)  --  Geoscientists gather and interpret data about the Earth and other planets, providing the data, tools, and expertise to help solve some of America’s greatest challenges. The policy proposals laid out in this document are centered around five high-level thematic areas:

From the American Geosciences Institute (AGI): Is Earth Science Education At Risk?

American Geosciences Institute

Many public schools have dropped Earth science from the required curriculum in recent years. Some colleges have closed geoscience departments. Employers have said they need more qualified candidates for geoscience jobs. How well does your public education system ensure that all students are taught important Earth science content?

Status of Geoscience Workforce 2014

Status of Geoscience Workforce 2014

From the American Geosciences Institute  --  The American Geosciences Institute's newest Status of the Geoscience Workforce Report, has just been published. The report shows jobs requiring training in the geosciences continue to be lucrative and qualified individuals in demand. Even with increased enrollment and graduation from geoscience programs, federal government projections still predict a shortage of around 135,000 geoscientists by the end of the decade.

Advocacy: Geology for Society

From The Geological Society (UK)  --  Aimed at policy and decision-makers as well as the wider public, 'Geology for Society' outlines the importance of geology to our society.  This free PDF is available for download and highlights the following topic areas: geology for the economy, energy, water, mineral resources, engineering the future, environmental health, valuing and protecting our environment, geohazards, climate change, the Anthropocene, communicating geology, and geology for the future.

NSTA position statement on NGSS

From David Bauman, Science Education Adviser for the Pennsylvania Department of Education  --  This morning NSTA released their position statement on Next Generation Science Standards. The position statement makes a series of recommendations for science education stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and transform K–12 STEM education. The statement expresses NSTA’s strong endorsement for the NGSS and calls on states to adopt the new standards.