Listen Current: Climate Change Summit

Listen Current

November 29, 2015  --  This week the United Nations Conference on Climate Change begins in Paris, France. This is an annual meeting of all countries that want to work together to improve the climate. To help discuss this with your students, Listen Current has highlighted their resources about climate change.

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Listen Current: Indigenous Groups Fight Logging

Listen Current

October 29, 2015  --  The Amazon in the north of Brazil is being deforested, and it is estimated that 80% of the wood harvested is illegal. Many environmental groups are fighting deforestation on the basis of its effects on global warming. But there’s one group of indigenous people in Brazil is fighting back against illegal loggers. This tribe is trying to preserve the trees because they are central to their way of life. They surround and warn illegal loggers and then drive them away with bows and arrows.

Listen Current: A New Human-like Species

Listen Current

September 22, 2015  --  A new species that tells us something about humans origins was recently discovered deep inside a cave in South Africa. This discovery is a mystery in many ways. How did the bones get there? How old are the fossils? What is the significance of discovering them? The bones are so deep inside the cave they were almost inaccessible. The scientist who discovered them hired thin, non-claustrophobic scientists to descend a steep cliff and then climb through a 7-inch wide crack in a cave to collect over 1,000 bones.

EARTH Magazine: Vital Seconds - The Journey Toward Earthquake Early Warning for All

EARTH Magazine

From EARTH Magazine, 09/17/2015  --  Americans are reminded in September to be prepared for natural hazards during "National Preparedness Month." A major goal of preparedness is to provide early warnings for earthquakes. Earthquake early warning (EEW) is exactly what it says: It is an early warning that shaking is coming and it can typically give a few seconds to a few minutes, at most, of warning. The warnings can be sent off just after an earthquake occurs on a fault, but before the damaging secondary waves are felt. It is not earthquake prediction.