Press release for students - Glacier changes at the top of the world

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From EGU  --  The Himalayas (South Asia) are home to the largest volume of ice outside the polar regions. The Dudh Kosi basin in Nepal Himalaya hosts some of the world’s highest mountain peaks, including Mt Everest, and a huge number of glaciers. A team of scientists have been researching how sensitive these glaciers could be to future climate change.

Press release for students - Water, key to survival of Roman Empire

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From EGU  --  Since the Mediterranean region is often very dry, it was not easy to grow food, such as grain (wheat, oats and other cereals), in some parts of the Empire. Yet, the Romans managed to ensure that the people in their cities had enough food all year round. Scientist Brian Dermody wanted to find out how the Empire survived for so long in the challenging environment of the Mediterranean.