Online video libraries

National Geographic Video - Videos connected to National Geographic stories and news coverage relating to animals, daily news, environment, kids, music, people & places, science & space, and specials. Additional videos are in the library for the National Geographic Channel

PBS - NOVA - Select NOVA programs are available to watch online, divided conveniently into chapters and closed captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. There are also videos online for additional PBS programming, such as NOVA scienceNOW, Nature, and Scientific American Frontiers.

Annenberg Video - - Online streaming videos appropriate for teacher develop and student learning across K-12 and university and adult learners.

HowStuffWorks Video Center and TeacherTube

YouTube - Earth Magazine, Scientific American, Discovery Channel

Videos on Earth Science/Geoscience Careerx

An outstanding video put together by the American Geological Institute, Why Earth Science?

The Geological Society of America has recently been featured in a National Environmental Report video targeting the environment industry and consumers in order to highlight issues that impact the environment and how organizations like GSA are playing a key role in finding solutions. VIDEO - The Importance of Geoscience Careers.