Weight Through the Solar System (CER Format)

Learning Objectives

To use calculator and non-calculator methods for analyzing data
To apply data collection and analysis in a study of mass and weight
To enhance and apply the concept of line of best fit

Standards Addressed

Grade band 6-8

One applicable standard is:

M7.A.2.2: Solve problems using ratios, proportions, percents and/or rates.

Preparation Time Needed

Minimal preparation time is needed - worksheets are included so the only time required will be to review the activity and print out the worksheets.

Class Time Required

This exercise can be used as a one-off unit expected to take one class period, or could be assigned in part for homework. 

The original activity is designed to take two 50-minute class periods or one 90-minute class period (see attached file 'Traveling through the solar system')

Activity Description

This is a revision of the Weight Though the Universe lesson found online from the Eisenhower Regional Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education at AEL (the original document is the first attachment below).  We revised the original version to one that uses the CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning) format. We have also included a student note format and a assessment rubric.